MERIT Suite of Integrated Solutions™

To succeed in today’s volatile and competitive marketplace it is critical for organizations to establish, build and sustain a Personal Leadership Effectiveness culture that can be supported by several “character-based” integrated human capital solutions.

The MERIT Integrated Solutions™ platform consists of several cost-effective “character-based” human capital solutions that provide organizations with concrete strategies for business growth and risk management. The proprietary solutions are built around an integrated human capital appraisal framework and data-driven processes regarding talent acquisition, employee development, and succession planning.

The MERIT Integrated Solutions™ helps organizations “improve the predictability of their human capital decisions” by providing technology processes and applications that will Streamline Operational Efficiency, Reduce Costs, Mitigate Risks, and Empower their Human Capital Assets.

Our company mission and culture depends substantially on our ability to foster and reward a common language around strong character. The Character-Driven Leadership program has given our 250 managers the tracks to run on in terms of their personal and professional growth. It has also equipped them with the tools to mentor our employees and leverage this positive character-focus into a competitive advantage.
Steve T. Chairman, CEO, Pacific Dental Services
I found the MERIT Profile to be a very valuable tool both personally and professionally. Not only did it help me identify areas of growth in my own personal development, this information helped me become a better manager and “maximizer of people”. I would highly recommend this assessment and training to any organization that truly understands that people will always be your most valuable resource.
Director of Admissions, Techskills of California

MERIT Profile™ Service (MP™)

MERIT Profile™ Service

Includes the MERIT Profile Assessment survey and the resulting Recruitment and Development Reports, support tools, setup assistance and administrative services.

Workplace studies illustrate the impact of character and behavior on organizations. Our character and behavior have a direct impact (positive or negative) on both our own, and our organization’s overall performance and productivity. Assessing and understanding our character competencies (Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments) and Behavioral Traits provide us with a starting point for positive character and behavioral development both in our personal and professional life.
MERIT Profile Recruitment Report
This 6 page report is utilized for hiring purposes. It has been designed with summary candidate profile graphs and data, as well as select interview questions, observations and key development needs for each of the character competencies.
MERIT Profile Development Report

MERIT Culture CQ Service (CQ™ )

Is a Service Methodology that systematically helps assess the overall character culture of organizations along with individuals degree of “compatibility alignment” to the desired organizational culture and values.An organization can choose to maintain its culture or pursue the transformation of its culture. The MERIT CQ™ embodies the core values, mission and vision statements within an organization, and establishes character profile of the organization’s human capital assets.

  • Assess, evaluate and understand the core values of their organization’s culture
  • Align the organization’s values with its culture in order to bring the vision into focus and gain adoption of the values. The Bottom-line benefit…people aligned with organizational values, motivated to achieve the corporate mission and strategic plans.
  • Measure the “compatibility” of any individual in reference to the organizational values to determine the cultural fit in new candidates and/or areas for development in current employees. Establish succession planning initiatives reflective of the espoused vision, mission and core values.
  • Manage human capital by employing proactive interventions that help minimize interpersonal conflict, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and improve overall performance.
  • Define and Shape Organizational Culture that represents a preplanned set of values and desired behavior and character competencies
  • Develop Leaders whose personal character and behavior are consistent with the core values espoused by the organizational culture.
  • Build Teams whose members work in harmony rather than in discord and conflict.
  • Measure Compatibility of any individual in reference to the organizational culture.
  • Diagnose potential sources of conflict, allowing for proactive intervention to prevent their destructive influence.

A Two-Phase Approach

Phase 1 provides an analysis process and report of the current culture for management to evaluate how well the existing culture is aligned with business objectives.

Phase 2 provides an analysis process and report on how the culture should look if the espoused vision, mission and core values are truly being executed throughout the organization.

MERIT Performance Index Service (MPI™ )

The key focus and advantage of the MERIT Profile™ and Performance Indexing System is that custom, position-specific performance indexes can be developed for each position within a company, integrating a position’s unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with its character and behavioral competencies.

The creation of a customized MERIT Performance Index™ equation involves the skillful blending of character and behavioral data obtained from the MERIT Profile™ survey process with the company-specific metrics that define job success.

The MERIT Performance Index™ technology is designed to develop a specific benchmark for a specific hiring position within a company. While “proficiency tests” can verify whether or not potential job candidates possess job skills at desired levels, the MPI™ technology is capable of identifying the character and behavior competencies common among employees who are currently at the desired level, and use that profile as a reference point for evaluating the fit of potential candidates.

The MPI™ is essentially answering the question: “What kind of character and behavior profile is most ideal for achieving the desired performance outcome for a specific job within a specific company?” The MERIT Performance Index™ now provides the necessary perspective on the Character and Behavior of potential candidates to understand which ones are more ideally suited for a specific job in a specific company.

MERIT Performance Index Service (MPI™ )

A proprietary technology and online process that captures, interprets and applies relevant business job performance data to help management assess talent to predict future employee outcomes and empower leaders to improve its overall human capital decision-making.

  • Captures, interprets and applies relevant business performance data
  • Establishes desired character and behavioral profiles for given employee positions
  • Blends character and behavioral data with company-specific metrics that define success
  • Associates specific competencies with the desired business outcomes
  • Assists management in improving intelligent human capital decision-making regarding Talent Acquisition, Employee Development and Succession Planning
  • Substantial Reduction of overall human capital Risks and Expenses as predictive metrics are aligned with character and behavior DNA
  • Enhanced hiring predictability
  • Minimized employee turnover
  • Savings in talent acquisition costs

Character-Based Learning Workshops

Workshop Descriptions

Character-Based Learning Workshops are in-house workshops focused on character development training to help empower and build a character-driven team of supervisors and employees at department levels.

Employee workshop are designed to provide knowledge and tools to develop leadership competencies for professional and personal growth.
  • 10 MAXIMIZERS™ principles to maximize your personal and professional opportunities
  • Increase your personal leadership effectiveness
  • Achieve a greater level of performance and productivity in all areas of your life

Manager and Supervisor workshops are designed to enhance the professional and personal leadership competency and staff coaching.
  • Discover how to apply the 10 MAXIMIZERS™ principles to your team environment.
  • Employ “Leader-Coach” Skills and begin working to create a “coaching-culture” within your team.
  • Increase your Effectiveness as a leader through a greater understanding of behavioral traits and how they influence the actions and preferences of your team members.
  • Manage Your Team with greater wisdom through changes and under pressure, armed with a better understanding of the relationship between behavioral traits and stress.
  • Improve Team Dynamics as you come to understand the limitations, tap into the strengths, and relate more effectively to the traits of your team members.

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