Dr. Brickman’s Certifications

  • Lifeforming Professional Certified Coach Trainer
  • Lifeforming Professional Certified Coach
  • Certified MERIT Profile Advisor and Trainer
  • MBTI® Certified Master Practitioner
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant (EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360)
  • DiSC Certified Practitioner
Dr. Les H. Brickman
Dr. Les H. BrickmanCertified Coach, Consultant and Trainer

About Dr. Brickman

Dr. Brickman is a consultant, coach,  author, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and has helped leaders worldwide achieve their maximum potential.  Through coaching, training and self-discovery, individuals and executives gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others – and improve how they communicate, learn, work and lead.

He is an LLC Professional Certified Coach, and Coach Trainer.  He is also a certified pracitioner and consultant for the MBTI®, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0 & EQ 360), DiSC, and Merit.

Clients engage Dr. Brickman for his expertise in team building, decision making, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, change management, communication, competency assessment, performance management, time management and leadership coaching. Dr. Brickman’s workshops, presentations and leadership training come to life and become memorable through his engaging method of speaking.

When engaged for coaching assignments, Dr. Brickman responds creatively to the specific development needs of each executive and individual. His strong qualifications include 11 years experience as a professional coach and certifications to administer numerous 360° feedback instruments, Myers Briggs®, DiSC, MERIT and EQ-I 2.0. Dr. Brickman has garnered a unique perspective from his additional five years experience in the banking industry, five years in aerospace engineering, and three years teaching computer math and programming languages.

With over 2300 hours of professional coaching experience, Dr. Brickman has trained professional Life Coaches in the USA, as well as 52 individuals internationally in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kenya, Nigeria, and Botswana. He holds a doctoral degree from Regent University, where he also served as an adjunct professor since 1997, teaching doctoral and master level classes.


Life & Executive Coaching
Dr. Brickman has been a Life Coach and Professional Coach Trainer since 2002. With over 2300 hours of experience, he has coached clients internationally in Singapore, Kenya, Bulgaria, UK, and Korea, as well as in the US. His clients have included professors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, pastors, students, and those in government service.
Workshops & Seminars
Personal & Professional Assessments
MBTI Master Practitioner
Dr. Les Brickman was my Coach trainer and through his coaching I was able to discover and focus on my life purpose which is transforming key relationships. It is as a result of his input in our lives (my wife and I) that we were able to set up our coaching business, Two-ships Solutions where we focus on marriage and relationship coaching. Les also coached us through our transition from employment to self-employment. He still serves as our Coach and Consultant at Two-ships solutions as we continue to grow our business.
Barnabas Achoki , Two-Ships Solutions